Since starting in 2006,
we feel like we've got this design thing figured out:
you don't want flying robot dogs.
(unless, of course, you do).

You want creative people who listen to you, and understand what you want to achieve. And a lot of you really like high quality coffee when it's free.
(unless you like tea).

Our down-to-earth approach will achieve these things,
usually in the first meeting.

Feeling fearless?

Read On!
faces you can trust.
Robin, manager of the Birmingham Central Branch of daythree (the only branch),
is the visionary and custodian of the business: a creative, an ideas man and the founder.

Enter Chris, one of the only people in the world that can illustrate in the morning
and code in php and javascript in the afternoon (maybe not the world - but he is rare)

With a collective 49 years' experience (ok... in dog years)
in commercial design, illustration, print in all forms and the web,
we think we've got the brass to handle your project.
So we've only got one question...
Do you prefer tea, or coffee?
we love simple,
fast print.
paper, t-shirts, hoodies,
canvases, banners, posters, stickers and more.
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easy, cost effective,
shared hosting solution.
making hosting simple.
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Concept Construction Delivery
Coffee or tea person, we won't judge.
Whatever your preference for hot beverage, our creative process is the same. Let us explain:

Maybe your idea is already as polished and sharp as a Samurai sword. Maybe it's just a distant lighthouse in a cloud of fog right now. Either way, over the years we've taken the seeds you've given us and turned them into something comprehensive. We understand how precious your ideas are, so our conceptual process is about listening to your needs and working with you, carrying you to the next level. Put it this way: we essentially build a magic escalator for you to ride.

So - you've stepped onto the escalator, and are enjoying the ride - what happens next? Simple: through continuing collaboration and sensitivity we construct solidity, strategy and approachability around your idea. We construct a brand your customers will trust, love and invest in. The result is a timeless identity that lasts longer than dog years, saving you money in the short term, and earning you money in the long term.

We aren't restless inventors, moving onto the next big client before we are done with the current big client. We understand that the end result is king, and that fact lies at the centre of what we do. No matter at what stage of the game you involve us - we'll make sure the product is professional and polished, and portrays you in the right light. We're hands on, specialising in screen printing garments, and with a proven track record for managing print jobs of all sizes.
  • Origins: Development Pack

    WHO: Birmingham Christian Centre, LIVE-LIVE!

    DELIVERED: Design, Technical Print

    OUR INPUT: Concept development, Illustration, Art Direction, Print Management

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +25 Coffee

  • YFC Conference 2012

    DELIVERED: Design, Print

    OUR INPUT: Concept development, Art Direction, and Print Management

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +15 Coffee

  • YFC Annual Report

    DELIVERED: Design, Infographics

    OUR INPUT: Concept development, Art Direction, and Print Management

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +15 Coffee

  • High in Design

    DELIVERED: Logo, Business Cards, Ecommerce Website, Flash, Javascript, Project Management, Flyers, Lookbook, Roller Banners

    OUR INPUT: Brand Consultation, Brand development, Art Direction, Project Management, Print Management

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +unlimited coffee, +20 Tea

  • King’s Church

    DELIVERED: Logo Rebrand, Website, Custom Javascript

    OUR INPUT: Brand Development, Art Direction, Concept development, Project Management

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +14 coffee

  • Monique Thomas

    DELIVERED: Retail quality merchandise, Screenprinted Tees

    OUR INPUT: Art Direction, Concept development, Hand pulled screenprinting, Illustration

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +5 coffee, +2 Tea

  • Sharperlight

    DELIVERED: Logos, Business cards, Business stationery, Website, Webforum, Interactive Map

    OUR INPUT: Brand development, Art Direction, Project Management, and Print Management

    EBCM (Est. Beverage Consumption Measurement):
    +31 Coffee


Tales from Atrayos

Chris was recently invited to create a few sections of a graphic storyboard for a music/visual performance called ‘Tales From Atrayos’. Set in a clinical, Gattaca-esque future and married to a prog-rock soundtrack (as you might expect), it’s certainly going to be strange. You can see a couple of the snapshots Chris drew at his illustration page, Full Collapse.

Off Key Clothing

One of the best things about being in the design and print business on a local scale is seeing other people’s pet projects (and everyone has one) taking shape. Some folks that help us run Simply Print have been working on their clothing venture, Off Key. Minimal, stylish design with an undeniable knack for the power of the brand. Check it out for yourself.

Sand Pit

From our ever-talented friend Joshua Stocker, the work-in-progress Sand Pit is the tale of one man and – well, we’ll let you see. Creepy sound ahoy. For more comforting times check the rest of his work, especially the auto-biographical I Am Here.






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Robin is the serial entrepreneur, and an ideas man. This has its advantages when working creatively with clients. He is well known for helping others grow their ideas into more than they expected. When he isn't working late hand-printing 200 hoodies for a customer, or obsessing over a design job, he is with his beautiful wife and two littl'uns. He harbours an unhealthy addiction to fixing broken commercial coffee machines... please do not encourage him. That aside, it's safe to say he's the Don.


Chris is the jack-of-all-trades, trying his hand at whatever it is that Rob already promised the client we could do. He's a fast learner - he has to be. Illustration, UI design, front-end development - no matter the medium, he tears through it with a terrifying eagerness to please. When he remembers to take time off, he produces records for people and obsesses over his elitist music taste. No doubt about it, he brings the 'je ne sais quoi' - at least we think he does; we don't know what that means.

An ethical clothing brand. Designed to remind you that with the right attitude and belief you can change your world... heavy.
A contemporary Christian jewellery company, each piece lovingly designed and hand made by Rob's wife, each piece made to encourage you... take a look.
Design and illustration, specialising in direct media; Full Collapse merges illustrative style with photography and graphic design.